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Acrel Co., Ltd. 

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Acrel is a high-tech enterprise which concentrates on research, production, sales and services. It mainly provides systemic solutions of energy efficiency management and electrical safety for users. Acrel has equipped with the complete production lines from cloud platform software to sensors. Until now, it has more than 8000 sets systemic solutions used in China to help users realizing energy visual management ,supplying energy data services and improving electrical efficiency and safety.

Acrel Energy Efficiency Management System includes various cloud platforms such as substation operation and maintenance, safety power management, environmental protection power supervision and prepaid management, and many kinds of monitoring and management systems such as intelligent transformer and distribution, power quality, building energy consumption, industrial energy, leakage fire alarm, fire power, fire door, emergency lighting and evacuation instructions, charging pile charge, data center power unit and environment variables, intelligent lighting and IT distribution insulation. 

Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., LTD.

A production base located in Jiangyin City, Wuxi, is a pilot enterprise of Jiangsu Province, which integrates informatization and industrialization. It has a well-functioned product test center, and can carry out environmental, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and reliability tests. The production process relies on advanced information management system and strict implementation of ISO 9001 management standards, which provides guarantee for industrialization and large-scale implementation of products. The annual production capacity of meters, power transformers and energy-saving cabinets is 2 million units, 1.5 million units and 10,000 sets.

The Keys For The Success Of The Company Are:

Excellent knowledge of all the products.Modern factory with most efficient and effective machines and equipment.Excellent understanding of the customers’ requirements.Flexible solutions to the customers' needs.Hard-work of all the members of the family Competitive prices and high quality.

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